Hiring Part Time Chess Coaches

Are you good with kids? Can you teach them? Do you know how to earn their respect?

The AV Chess House and its non-profit arm, Say Yes to Chess, need to increase the number of part-time Chess Coaches

available to teach in afterschool Chess Programs around the Antelope Valley. Most of the clubs you’ll coach are in Lancaster,

Palmdale, or Quartz Hill. Each club meets for 90-minutes once-a-week on a set-day of the week.


You must:

– get a background check in each school district in which you coach

– attend a series of 3 “How to Teach Chess Using ‘Ms. Daa’s Style’” workshops which cover how to teach (and make chess fun for) Beginners, including the utilization of Ms. Daa’s copyrighted Chess Mini-Games.© Dates of workshops to be arranged.

– be an Assistant Chess Coach under Head Coach Ms. Daa for at least one semester before becoming a Lead Coach

– love working with kids, helping them learn, and leading them by example

– have a resume which includes volunteer or for-pay experiences working with children and youth

– be responsible and reliable – MUST arrange an approved substitute if you’re not able to coach on a given day

– teach, preach, and demonstrate Good Sportspeopleship

– be able to demonstrate:

     – movement of the chess pieces
     – how to set up a chess board properly
     – all the conditions of castling, en passant, check, checkmate
     – all the draw possibilities
     – the principals and strategies of the Opening, Middle Game, and End Game
     – checkmate using:

– King, Queen, and 2 Rooks vs. King

– King, Queen, and 1 Rook vs. King

– King and 2 Rooks vs. King

– King and Queen vs. King

– King and 1 Rook vs. King

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