Essay Contest WINNERS!

106 kids from around the Antelope Valley entered this year’s Annual Chess Essay Contest.
This, the 6th Annual event, had this question:   “How has chess made me better.”
Attached is the description of the contest.
Below are the winners of the contest.
Please let me know if you’d be interested in seeing the essays.

6th Annual Chess Essay Contest
3rd-5th 1st Aletse Templos 5 Ocotillo
3rd-5th 2nd Alex Badalyan 3 Esperanza
3rd-5th 3rd Saadiya Johns 5 Sundown
K-2nd 1st Mateo Coggins 2 Dos Caminos
K-2nd 2nd Jamal Jackson 1 Ocotillo
K-2nd 3rd SaNye Todd 1 Mesquite
6th-8th 1st Damian Cruz 6 Valley View
6th-8th 2nd Mario Cancino 7 Los Amigos
6th-8th 3rd Fernando Saavedra 6 Lancaster Baptist

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