[Chess] allows children to develop thinking skills beyond the classroom. As a special education teacher I have seen you work with my students in the most amazing way with great patience and tools for teaching. You are a gifted beautiful heart centered teacher.
– Dawn Hodges of Los Angeles


I would like to say thank you for giving me a great opportunity to gain experience teaching meaningful skills to these children. This will go a long way for me in terms of my educational skills with children. I have also learned a great deal about what it means to model appropriate behavior for those who are younger and look towards me for guidance. This is definitely an opportunity for me to participate in, next summer.

                                                                                                                                                       – Volunteer


          One cannot deny the many benefits of teaching chess to young children (3 and up).  Kids love games and stories and I know of two groups which utilize these as tools when it comes to teaching chess.  One is Chess at Three http://www.chessat3.com/ which utilizes learning through storytelling to teach how the pieces move and how to play the game.
          The other one, and more importantly it is local, is Ms. Daa utilizing fun mini games to teach how the chess pieces move.  My son began his first lesson a year ago, at the age of three and a year later on, January 23, 2016, he won third place in his first full game chess tournament.         
           The joy that he exhibits playing the game and more importantly trying to explain it to his friends cannot be qualified.  He is no chess master by a long shot, but thanks to his lessons, he is much better than his cohorts (that don’t play chess) at concentrating and recognizing patterns.  This is not simply a biased opinion of a proud parent but what his preschool teacher tells us.  She says his math skills are great too, which I attribute to his chess play.
          In the end, I am very glad my wife saw the AV Chess House ad and we signed up and completed the Parent & Tot Chess Time (all three levels) along with private lessons.  The benefits have been great and we have met many wonderful people.

          Keep up the great work,Daa.

                                                                                                                          – Nisani family of Lancaster

First let me say that my grandson tremendously enjoyed your chess classes he absolutely loved them!!! He still raves about the classes! We would like to return for more classes can you give me the price and schedule for the next sessions.

— Woolfolk family of Palmdale


The Universe is doing amazing things through you.  How wonderful that you were able to craft your love and  share it with the community.   I receive the weekly Rosamond eNews which showcased your Chess in the AV  in its December 21st issue.  I immediately thought of you and remembered how passionate you are about Chess.   Congratulations, Daa.  

Ann Hill, DTM
Toastmasters International Revitalized Education Ambassador
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